Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are You Her??

looking at you for the first time!!"wahhh she has a nice smile!!"..ehh she pose for snap a pic!! she looked like "ah moi"~~ kawaaaaiiiiii!!!!  duup dap duup dap!!~should I go talk to her???huh a lots of her friend around her..arghhhh otteokae!! if I do not talk to her now, maybe this is the last time I meet her!! nevermind, someday I will meet her again if we are meant to each others...hahaha..but now, i found girl that looked exactly like her, could she be "her"???hurmmm...if it is true!!maybe its my birthday!!! present everrrrr~~...demo, I do not have guts to seduce her for now, its to early to do that..can't push~
she would think me as a pervert, despite I didn't do anything nasty, it just because I rush into her^^.."horaa!take ur time!!"
-hey, its you!!i fell for you~yeah you^^-


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