Monday, December 27, 2010

Live the way you Are..

life is simple, its just us that make it complicated..why??
maybe want to pursue a better life??don't think so..actually, 
everything is simple but people himself make it harder for themselves..macam keje la, mnde tu leh jdi simple je klu mase kecik aritu blaja leklok kn..xde la nak keje yang gune kedarat sgt, elek je dok atas krusi pusing-pusing~~ kite sndri yg xnak blaja so the situation its getting complicated..

dalam couple pun same, couple ni mmg mnde yg leh jadi sangat serabut la..klu x p'caye pd partner sndri la..ikot flow die, trus jadi mnde yg simple, jdi complicated bile problem kecik..t'tibe nak besa kn, pdhal masalah bulu idung t'kluar je..
lagi satu, cam nak p jalan jaoh nih..tapi x berapa nak tao jalan nye, pastu buat2 la pandai kan ++ main rase-rase..abis sesat, pusing tmpt same byk kli..try la ikot signboard tu haaaa kan senang..

sup sap sup sark!!!~sampaiiii...tolong la jgn jadi sperti keldai cube memandu backhoe..hoho!
life is beautiful, explore your owns life..and u will find it beautiful..precious!!!life is bored??nahhh it is u who are bored..

we could do anything while we stand on our foot, so, just have fun!!and i don't get it why people are commit suicide..don't they know they going straight to hell?? will be more excited if we live with our families, friends and the one we love^^ it, feel it and enjoy it!!!

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