Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kenpoo : The First Curse

huh bebaru ni aku ade mimpi yang boleh kire jadi movie la kot. x box office, beat movie rozmey tu jeh. hehe. so, aku nak story mory la sikit-sikit kan, mane tau dapat kurang kan tension mereka yang tengah tension dengan cerita dari mimpi aku nie. aku name kan mimpi aku nie as "Kenpoo : the first curse " hahaha.

the story begin when I'm back to school, everything is normal nothing weird happened. just same old atmosphere school, people sleep in class, gossiping while studying, smoke in the toilet, the teacher chasing students. I'm also the same, carrying backpack and text book to the class, ignoring people walk besides me. ahhh the hot girl in school!! "Hey~!" can't say more. hehe.

as usual, chit chat with old friends who are not meet for a long time. but there are something weird, i'm in secondary school but why the building is from my primary school. there are also a few classmate that i do not recognize. never-mind them, maybe they are new student and the school had been renovated. it's all start when the school time is over.

i'm packing my stuff, and choose things in nice looking basket. it come from nowhere, its just there and i had been tempt to take things from it. as i grab the things, there are a women's voice "you are not going to anywhere Kenpoo.." huh the voice creep me out a little bit, after the women whispering to me all the student in the school vanish without a trace except for one, my close friends, Kirichi.

Kirichi and I try to run out from the school but suddenly the environment change. it's become my grandmother's house >,<" the women keep laughing and laughing, seriously its annoying me from the start. and its a bit scary. i see the exit of the house, i grab Kirichi's hand and pull him over. then "You cannot escape from here, this is not your world" said the anonymous. we decide to seek the source of the voice, but there are nothing. once again she speaks "Haha you will not find me either " the voice lead us to the clothe drawers, LOL she really there "damn she is pretty HOT! but i found you and its gonna get ugly". as soon we find her, i choke her like crazy and yelling to tell us how can we get out from this f***ing place. 

She just laughing, and Kirichi grab my shoulder and ask me to check the things i took from the basket earlier. I let her go and she disappear, maybe she's a witch, a wicked one. 
Kirichi: its a book!
Me: damn, i tought it's a food just now. but the book look like...
Kirichi: yeah, its really the same! there nothing inside, just empty.
Me: maybe it's the same version, i'll take the cover, you check the content. do whatever its take.

I take the book's cover and try to burn it. this time the witch once again show herself, this time she look damn angry, the cloud turn dark and like typhoon will come. there is no time or i'll be turn into ashes >,<" but i have no lighter! arghhhhhh i gonna be an ashes, eh we gonna be an ashes. as Kirichi heard that suddenly he had a lighter. okeh this is it! i burn the cover , the witch cry in pain and  the thunder along strike all over the place. the fake environment start to fade away, before that there is a ugly looking creatures crawl upon us and say something, maybe spell then its gone. and everything turn into a normal.

okeh. setelah dipendekkan cerita, jadi macam ini lah. hope you all enjoy it. haha ade lagi banyak cerita sebenar nye tapi nanti2 la pulak^^ chow~!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

another story.

"its kinda break my heart when u say that. but nevermind i just accepted your answer because we cannot make someone to love us. when its done, its done. only i know how much i love u, care about u, miss about anything u did. i really hope we can get together again. i really do. when the time come, please choose my humble heart."

Sunday, September 11, 2011


sekian lame kite berpisah akhir nye bertemu kembali ^^ sorry la lame x update. banyak hal la. aku ni bukan kaki blogger sangat pon. telinge blogger je pun XD post kali ni ingin ku menceritakan perjalanan systemku telah b'akhir..heeee suke! seronok!

aku start serius(!) buat system ni sehari sebelum hari raya. sangat menguji jiwe raya aku la, susah betul nak focus raya n kutip duit raya. batu halangan loncatan betul lah. tapi hari pertama raya aku x sentuh la mende alah ni, gile nak buat kerje time raya pertama. HARI RAYA PERTAMA tuhhhhhh~! ok malas nak cite panjang. aku jugak skip bebape kelas sebab nak siap kan system nih. sebenar nye boleh siap cepat tapi aku banyak keluar dengan member je kat rumah. hahahaha.

ok la. bagi sesiapa yang ade pape project lepas ni, xkire la project ape2 kan. cari yang la yang rajin2. x kire la korang ngam ke x, muke die cam tempe ke kan. amik je die sebab tu boleh menjamin markah yang banyak! hahahaha. tata!

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